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What information is needed to start the shipping process?
  • Consignee name - bank or financial institution where the LC was processed.
  • Notify party - name and contact details of the person who should be notified of the arrival of the cargo, and could be the actual buyer or receiver of the vehicle, clearing and forwarding agent, or dealer.
Are pre-export inspections required?

Yes. An inspection certificate is mandatory to clear your cars from Sri Lanka customs.

How long does it takes for the shipping vessel to reach the port of discharge?

We always do our best to find the fastest shipping vessel available. The following time estimates are based on our past experience: Sri Lanka, 2-3 weeks. Please note that AA Japan cannot guarantee any maximum duration of shipping. The shipping company holds sole responsibility for how long the journey will be.

How can I get information regarding my shipping?

AA Japan has an innovative tool on its website: “My Purchases”. Use My Purchases, to follow all steps of an order, from initial inquiry to completion. You can check on the status of a transaction (inquiry, waiting for payment, waiting for information, in preparation, shipping or completed), see shipping information (ETD, ETA, port of departure, port of discharge), pass on information to your sales consultant and download a copy of all related documents (proforma invoice, B/L, inspection certificate and export certificate).

Is there possibilities that the shipping schedule will change?

Yes. Some changes may occur in the shipping schedule as decided by the shipping company for various reasons. These may include weather issues, technical issues, etc., all of which are beyond AA Japan’s control.

Why is the shipping vessel's eta blank?

Sometimes a shipping company may plan a journey without yet having decided an ETA. In such situations, we will inform you of the ETA as soon as we receive this information from the shipping company.