How do I import used cars from Japan to Sri Lanka?

The easiest way to import used cars and vehicles from Japan takes only a few steps

Choose Car

  1. Explore our stock. We have  over 3,000 vehicles for you to choose from.
  2. Select your car, and click send inquiry. Or just send an inquiry directly if you're looking for a specific car.
  3. A sales consultant will contact you within 24 hours.
  4. After agreeing on the price, we will issue you a proforma invoice.
  5. Using this invoice, go to your bank and apply for a Letter of Credit (LC) within three business days.  See our bank details here.
    When the LC is approved and processed by your bank, your car will be prepared for shipping.

What if I can’t find the vehicle I want in your stock?

If you can’t find the vehicle you want in our stock, please send us an inquiry by filling in this form
We have access to more than 80,000 used cars sold in Japanese auctions every week. Let us know the vehicle you are looking for, what your budget is and when you intend to receive it.

Information Request

To complete all documents and shipment procedures, we will require some information from you :from you :

  • Financial institution where you applied for LC (will be used as the consignee)
  • Your name or company (will be used as the notify party)

Shipping Starts

  1. One of our experienced mechanic will check your car.
  2. If there is no issue with the condition of the car, we will then:
    1. Book the fastest available route.
    2. Obtain the Export Certification from the Japanese Administration.
    3. Have an independent company inspect the car and issue an Inspection Certificate..

Get Your Car

Car Key

When the shipment arrives at the port:

  1. Go to your bank and claim the documents.
  2. Together with the documents, you can start clearing the vehicle from customs.
  3. Get your vehicle

If you would like more details regarding our buying procedure, please consult our FAQ.