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By replying to this type of email, you may run the risk of money transfer fraud, phishing and other scams. Your ID numbers, passwords and other important personal information may be stolen.
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Japanese: +81-45-594-0507
What is a proforma invoice?

A proforma invoice is an estimated invoice, or quote, issued by AA Japan. This document contains the type and quantity of each vehicle ordered, their value, and other information such as insurance and transportation costs. After receiving this document, you will need to pay the price quoted on this invoice so shipment procedure can start.

What form of payment do you accept?

For Sri Lanka, all payments are processed through LC (Letter of Credit) application and approval from your bank directly to AA Japan bank accounts.

How soon should I make a payment for the vehicle I reserved?

As soon as you have reserved your vehicles, apply for an LC in your bank within three business days.

What currencies do you accept?

Payment through LC is most commonly done using Japanese Yen.

Who shoulders the LC fees?

The LC is applied for by you, which means that any transaction fees incurred during this process is between you and the bank, and to be shouldered by you.